trans-o-flex plants 1,257 trees after customer survey

trans-o-flex plants 1,257 trees after customer survey

After evaluating all four customer surveys conducted in 2021, the overall result is clear: In the surveys conducted every three months, customers again rated trans-o-flex better overall than in the previous year.

The improvement is not the same in all quarters, but the overall trend is positive. “The individual quarterly results show how sensitively the customer survey actually responds to quality fluctuations in our network,” says Lutz Blankenfeldt, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Product Management and Commercial. In his view, the system of three-monthly surveys has thus proved its worth. “We get direct and quick feedback and can respond directly if necessary.”

To all customers who take part in the customer surveys, trans-o-flex offers to donate ten euros as a thank you for each piece of feedback.

476 customers ticked this in one of the surveys in 2021 – and now a small forest is being created from it!

Thanks to the cooperation with the organization click a tree, two trees can be planted for each of these feedbacks.

The planted forest also became even larger last year because trans-o-flex had additional trees planted for every new customer acquired or when business was expanded.

As a result, a total of 1,257 trees were planted and cared for in 2021. The trans-o-flex partner organization makes sure that the trees are not only planted, but also cared for and protected until they are big enough to grow on their own.

clickatree transoflex

Together with you, we want to make our world a little better.

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