Contract logistics – the comprehensive proposal

for complex

logistics solutions

We store, pick, pack and ship your high-value and sensitive goods and, if desired, will also take care of the return consignments for you through a system-supported returns management solution. These services are complemented by added-value services such as one or two-stage cross-docking, labelling and security tagging, price labelling and packaging management.

In addition, we offer special industry solutions, e.g. refrigerated and cold storage with continuous temperature monitoring, storage of dangerous goods (classes 2, 3, 5.1 and 7) or narcotics, batch control and management as well as the repackaging and serialisation of products.

Are you planning to launch a new product? As part of our campaign logistics we are capable of launching even large quantities onto the market in the shortest possible time and within defined timeframes.

Our contract logistics solutions also provide display logistics, where we collect and assemble your raw displays and samples, set them up at the point of sale, document the result with photos.

We are happy to advise you on complex special requirements. Whatever the solution – we will implement it for you. With our range of services, we are your partner for contract logistics!


  • Full box order picking / Fine order picking
  • Packing
  • Product range compilation
  • Assembling
  • Price labelling
  • Security tagging
  • Labelling and creation of delivery notes according to customer requirements

  • Block storage / high bay storage / shelf storage
  • Secure storage areas
  • Temperature-controlled storage 2° to 8°C or 15° to 25°C
  • Pharmaceutical storage (according to MPA)
  • Narcotic drug storage
  • Storage of advertising material
  • Action areas

  • Late cut-off times
  • Returns handling and disposal service
  • Packaging materials management
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Order portal with integrated warehouse management system
  • Batch control and management
  • Serialisation

1. Store whatever you want

Small format parts, parcels, complete pallets – irrespective of their height. Or unpackaged products, spare parts, product samples or dangerous goods.


2. Store however you please

We can store your temperature-sensitive goods at 2° to 8°C or 15° to 25°C. Your particularly high-value goods can be stored with us in separately secured storage areas.


3. Store wherever you want

In one of our existing multi-user logistics centres, in which you benefit from the fact that the overheads are spread among several customers, or in a centre specially designed for you, in which all the processes have been optimised specifically for your products.


4. Decide what and who you want

Sourcing, checking, storing, picking, packing, shipping with trans-o-flex – all from one source. Or in addition with a partner of your choice.  That is contract logistics taken a step further.

Five warehouse sites at major hubs in Germany

At our warehouse sites we enable you to store, package and supply your goods. From here, we coordinate the correct stocking, loading and timely delivery within Germany and partly to other European countries. The delivery is carried out within the framework of the standard delivery times.

trans-o-flex Logistik-Service GmbH
Ernst-Heinrich-Geist 9 – 11
50226 Frechen

Phone: +49 2234 603760

trans-o-flex Logistik-Service GmbH
Industriegebiet Süd A 12
63755 Alzenau

Phone: +49 6188 995 4220

trans-o-flex Logistik-Service GmbH
Hertzstraße 8
69469 Weinheim

Phone: +49 6201 988 470

trans-o-flex Logistik-Service GmbH
Olbrichtstraße 3 – 7
69469 Weinheim

Phone: +49 6201 256 0818

trans-o-flex Logistik-Service GmbH
Daimlerstraße 16
69469 Weinheim

Phone: +49 6201 256 0818

From GDP to GDP+:
A giant leap into the future

The GDP guideline defines the standards governing the safety, cleanliness, transparency and integrity of the goods. GDP+ from trans-o-flex raises the bar considerably higher. Information density and information speed are being further increased on the basis of a comprehensive digitalisation offensive.

3D Label GDPplus
Uniform data flow
Uniform data flow
The installation of a standardised, secure data flow spanning all transport systems and product variants
100% transparency for trans-o-flex customers by providing constantly available real-time information on their consignments within an integrated system
A certified system that can be verified at all times as the basis for continuous improvements
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