Beauty and cosmetics logistcs

In the cosmetics sector, we can proudly lay claim to unique industry expertise and look back with pride over 50 years’ experience. The flexibility of our system, our special, careful sorting technology and safe handling combine to make us highly sought-after logistics partners particularly for breakable, high-quality cosmetic goods, which are often packaged in glass.

We combine our reliable basic shipment service with special concepts to enable our customers, for example, with a key-date delivery to stage a nationwide launch of new cosmetics products. To this end, the finished goods, accompanying advertising material, displays and gift articles are collected from different locations, consolidated into one consignment and delivered. This allows our customers to present their products throughout Germany in all the cosmetic shops and cosmetic departments on the same day.

With our subsidiary trans-o-flex Logistik-Service, we also take care of the collection and warehousing of the different products through to customised display management. This entails repairing and cleaning displays and equipping them with the latest products and colours. Subsequently, the finished displays are delivered to their point of destination and installed. A service the cosmetics industry would no longer be without.

Last but not least, it is important for the cosmetics industry to be able to call upon us to transport dangerous goods subject to labelling. With us, this is equally part of ‘one stop shopping’ as is the ability to have everything processed by trans-o-flex from small parcels and poster rolls through to complete pallets. After all, the cosmetics solutions from trans-o-flex are not one-way systems. With our returns management, we arrange organised recall campaigns for our cosmetics customers. Upon request, we deploy refillable containers, return packaging and dispose of it properly.

Targeted delivery of the goods
Targeted delivery of the goods
Our services enable the goods to be available significantly earlier before opening hours or delivery options outside regular delivery windows, such as with our evening service or Saturday service.
Express portfolio
Express portfolio
Use the most comprehensive express portfolio from a single source. With our 10 different time-optimised services, we fulfil all your customers' requests.
Can be combined with numerous other services, such as dangerous goods, temperature-sensitive goods 2°C to 8°C and 15°C to 25°C.
Earlier availability of the goods
Earlier availability of the goods
Plannable and significantly earlier availability of the goods for consignees thanks to our Ident Express (link) and the Insight app (link), as well as keeping all parties involved in the process up to date.

Additional services - national

  • Handling Options
  • We transport all classes of dangerous goods (exception: class 1 ADR and/or subject to minimal restrictions for other classes and certain UN number).
  • Almost no consignment is too large or too weighty for us. With the additional option ‘oversize’ or ‘overweight’, bulky deliveries also reach their destination safely and reliably.
  • Special Order Options
  • We can notify your customers in Germany about the pending delivery of your shipment. Your benefit: greater transparency and higher customer satisfaction. Choose if we notify by text message or by e-mail.
  • All regular (temperature-controlled) shipments with a high and well planned volume of goods are handled on schedule by trans-o-flex charter. These can also be actively temperature-controlled, nationally and throughout Europe.
  • This service is your solution when you need to be especially fast – also for high volumes. The delivery is carried out on schedule without detours, directly from the collection address to the recipient - also temperature-controlled.
  • CO2-neutral shipping for all shipments with trans-o-flex. Perfect for environmentally conscious customers - a decision for the environment and nature.
  • We use our returns service to return deliveries directly from your B2B customers back to you.
  • Pick-up Options
  • We collect your consignments from third parties and deliver them within 48 hours to the desired recipient – throughout Germany from Monday to Friday and on request also on Saturdays.
  • If your shipment is to be collected on a specific date, you can easily schedule the pick-up with the Time-definite Pick-up Service.
  • Delivery Options
  • We offer both online and offline solutions for the secure identification of the recipient or delivery location and deliver only upon presentation of the QR code provided.
  • Your care products will be delivered Monday to Friday directly to the home patient or to patients in care facilities. If desired, with prior notification.
  • We deliver your products on Saturdays, also with express option.
  • We deliver your shipments to private addresses nationwide, also temperature-controlled or with express option.
  • Determine exactly where your B2B shipment is to be delivered: to a specific floor, to a specific department or directly to a specific person.
  • With this service, we deliver shipments with collection claims. Amounts can be collected in cash up to 1,000 €, by crossed cheque even up to 25,000 €.
  • Increased security for particular valuable and confidential goods: the delivery is handled as a separate, secured shipment with documented handover at all interfaces.
  • This delivery service is the reliable extension of our standard network to all the North and East Frisian Islands.
  • Delivery times
  • The right option for urgent shipments before 8 am, 9 am, 10 am or 12 am on the following business day. We deliver nationwide from Monday to Friday. Optionally also available with the Saturday service before 12 or 10 a.m.
  • Choose this service if you want to make sure that your shipment is delivered on the next working day from Monday to Friday.
  • If your shipment is not to be dispatched as quickly as possible, but on a certain desired date, you can reliably plan the delivery with the Time-definite Service.
  • The trans-o-flex Evening Service is the solution for secure late delivery of your consignments on the following business day between 5 pm and 8 pm.
  • We deliver your products on Saturday, also with an express option before 10 or 12 a.m.

Please note that some of our services are only available on request/by arrangement or are not deliverable in all countries. For further information, feel free to contact us!

Special requirement area

Tech Express defines the new standard for the transport of consumer and household electronics and other high value and sensitive goods.

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Health Express is our service for all medical goods that have to be stored, transported and delivered in undefined temperature ranges.

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Thermo Express is the perfect answer to the GDP requirements for the transport of temperature-sensitive medicines in the range between 2 °C and 8 °C.

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Ambient Express is the efficient and nationwide solution for the reliable transport of temperature-sensitive goods and pharmaceuticals in the area of 15 °C to 25 °C.

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From GDP to GDP+:
A giant leap into the future

The GDP guideline defines the standards governing the safety, cleanliness, transparency and integrity of the goods. GDP+ from trans-o-flex raises the bar considerably higher. Information density and information speed are being further increased on the basis of a comprehensive digitalisation offensive.

3D Label GDPplus
Uniform data flow
Uniform data flow
The installation of a standardised, secure data flow spanning all transport systems and product variants
100% transparency for trans-o-flex customers by providing constantly available real-time information on their consignments within an integrated system
A certified system that can be verified at all times as the basis for continuous improvements
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