Contactless delivery with receipt

Delivery of your consignments with contactless receipt


You can choose between two options: the advance receipt or the replacement receipt. Please take into account that we are obliged by law, especially by Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and other pharmaceutical laws, to provide a receipt. Nevertheless, we have devised two ways of eliminating contact between driver and consignee as far as possible, whilst making it possible to issue a legally compliant receipt.  The best protection, however, is still your own preventive measures. We recommend that you use gloves when receiving goods and when signing to confirm the receipt of a delivery on our scanner devices. In addition, observing good hygiene is still very important. Because you, as a consignee, also have the opportunity to contribute to this during delivery by, for example:


  • Standing back and taking delivery of the goods with a respectable distance
  • Putting on a glove when confirming the receipt on the handheld scanner
  • If possible, use your own, touch screen capable pen for signing on the handheld scanner
  • Washing your hands thoroughly before and after taking delivery of the goods

The two options I have as a consignee:

Advance receipt:


As a consignee, you have the option of having trans-o-flex send you an advance receipt by e-mail. To do this, please contact your local branch, which you can identify using a postcode search. You can also contact our consignee customer service on +49 6201 988 222. On the morning of each upcoming delivery, we will send you a document with all relevant consignment information, which you sign and hand over to the driver in exchange for the goods.

On our branch page you can find out from your postcode to which branch you can send your e-mail address.

The substitute receipt:


Using the substitute receipt, you can download a blank form from this website and use it as a substitute for a signature on scanner devices. To do this, please complete the form with all relevant information and hand it over to our delivery drivers in return for the goods. You can also prepare this document so that, once the delivery has been made, you only need to enter the reference number that appears on the parcel. The blank form is only available in German.

If you have any questions:

Phone number for our consignee customers:
+49 6201 988 222

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