LEDs save a lot of power

LEDs save a lot of power

The whole world is talking about saving electricity – trans-o-flex is doing it!

This is because electricity consumption has not increased since 2020. Already in 2020, less was consumed than in the previous year. In 2021, the electricity bill was even lower. “One of the most important reasons for this is the conversion to LED lighting,” says trans-o-flex CEO Wolfgang P. Albeck. “That is why we will continue to invest in new LED technology this year.” He therefore anticipates that further savings will be achieved in 2022. The decision in principle to switch to LED lighting has already been made and will be implemented in two ways.

Firstly, all new sites will be equipped with economical LED lights right from the start.

Secondly, all other sites will also be gradually converted. Up to and including 2020, the first eight sites had been converted to LED lighting:

  • the warehouse at Hertzstraße 8 in Weinheim,
  • the ThermoMed hub in Baunatal
  • as well as network sites in Weinheim, Duisburg, Bremen (Groß Ippener), Alzenau, Herford and Hamm-Rhynern.

Last year, in addition to the headquarters in Weinheim, the following network sites were added:

  • Neumünster, Cologne, Kassel, Koblenz, Bruchsal, Braunschweig, Dettingen, Würzburg and Driedorf.

In the current year, more than ten sites are to receive LED lighting. This includes:

  • the new building in Wildenfels,

which will start operations on schedule in the second quarter.

And the conversion at the network sites has also been firmly negotiated with the property owners:

  • Erfurt, Appenweier and Magdeburg.

Furthermore, the conversion is planned for the following sites as well:

  • Augsburg, Donaueschingen, Dresden, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg, Rostock, St. Ingbert and Straubing
Installation einer Lampe in einem Raum


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