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Returnable logistics – smart logistics solutions for shipping sensitive, fragile, high-value goods 


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tof.ecobox is offered in cooperation with our partner Smart Container Loop. You can simply request a quote or advice from trans-o-flex. We will also coordinate access to the containers for you and will be happy to put you in touch with Smart Container Loop (SCL). Reusable transport containers in the desired size and number can be supplied to suit your requirements. Your SCL contact person will be happy to help you with this. As an existing customer, you will automatically receive subsequent deliveries. 


Here’s how it works:


    1. Pack your goods in the containers and hand them over to trans-o-flex. With each container, the electronic data is transmitted to trans-o-flex with the ID of each individual container.  
    2. trans-o-flex delivers the packages.​ 
    3. They are returned on a collection-upon-delivery basis. This means that the empty containers are taken back on the next delivery.  
    4. The containers are collected on pallets at our branches and transferred to SCL​. 
    5. They are cleaned and repaired at the SCL cleaning depot. 
    6. Damaged containers are removed from circulation and replaced. By the way, damaged containers are regranulated and made into new ones (a closed loop, nothing is lost). 

About Smart Container Loop: 

Smart Container Loop (SCL) is part of the Schoeller Group, a shareholder of trans-o-flex, and has decades of experience in developing returnable containers and operating container pools. Schoeller is, among other things, the inventor and founder of IFCO Systems, the largest reusable container pool in the world and the global market leader for reusable containers in the food sector.  More on SCL:

You protect the environment by avoiding packaging waste and saving CO2 with tof.ecobox. The containers are made of recycled material. So no plastics end up in landfill. Per cycle, 50% less carbon emissions are produced than with conventional packaging.
The containers provide safe protection for your items during transit. They protect your items from breakages and losses.
With the tof.ecobox service, we offer you a seamless tracking system. You can view the consignment status for deliveries and returns at any time via the trans-o-flex tracking function.
Save on packaging costs with the returnable solution tof.ecobox, such as those of conventional packaging, e.g. cardboard boxes and filling material.
The containers are easy to handle and require little effort to process. They are also stackable and take up little space for storage.


You can combine tof.ecobox with a wide range of services, such as

  • Special Order Options
  • We can notify your customers in Germany about the pending delivery of your shipment. Your benefit: greater transparency and higher customer satisfaction. Choose if we notify by text message or by e-mail.
  • CO2-neutral shipping for all shipments with trans-o-flex. Perfect for environmentally conscious customers - a decision for the environment and nature.
  • Pick-up Options
  • We collect your consignments from third parties and deliver them within 48 hours to the desired recipient – throughout Germany from Monday to Friday and on request also on Saturdays.
  • Delivery Options
  • We offer both online and offline solutions for the secure identification of the recipient or delivery location and deliver only upon presentation of the QR code provided.
  • Your care products will be delivered Monday to Friday directly to the home patient or to patients in care facilities. If desired, with prior notification.
  • Delivery times
  • The right option for urgent shipments before 8 am, 9 am, 10 am or 12 am on the following business day. We deliver nationwide from Monday to Friday. Optionally also available with the Saturday service.
  • Choose this service if you want to make sure that your shipment is delivered on the next working day from Monday to Friday.
  • If your shipment is not to be dispatched as quickly as possible, but on a certain desired date, you can reliably plan the delivery with the Time-definite Service.
  • The trans-o-flex Evening Service is the solution for secure late delivery of your consignments on the following business day between 5 pm and 8 pm.

Please note that our service tof.ecobox is only available within Germany. For further information, feel free to contact us!

tof.ecobox can also be combined with the following special requirement areas

Thermo Express provides the perfect answer to the GDP requirements for the shipment of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals in the range between 2°C and 8°C.

2 °C – 8 °C

Ambient Express is the efficient solution for the rapid and reliable shipment of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals in the range from 15°C to 25°C throughout Germany.

15 °C – 25 °C

Tech Express defines the new standard for the transport of consumer and household electronics and other high value and sensitive goods.


Health Express is our service for all medical goods that have to be stored, transported and delivered in undefined temperature ranges.

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