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Unfortunately no, trans-o-flex specialises in the business-to-business sector. Our network is a driver of the German economy and is geared towards the carriage of high-end and sensitive goods from the medical, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, hi-tech and consumer electronics sectors. In some cases (for example when supplying the public with important and sensitive medicines) we do also deliver goods to private individuals. However, a shipping order from private individuals is not possible. Here we recommend the use of private parcel service providers. Our offers are designed exclusively for businesses, § 14 German Civil Code. We do not conclude contracts with consumers, § 13 German Civil Code.

It’s very simple: You can click the Tracking button in the top menu of this page. This will take you to the tracking module of this website. Here the display is divided into “Information for consignors” and “Information for consignees”. As a regular consignor, you can create an account at and access our extensive reporting module. This also allows you to monitor and manage deliveries or amend orders. If you receive deliveries from us on a regular basis, we recommend that you use the trans-o-flex insight app. This gives you an overview of all the consignments that are being transported for you in the trans-o-flex system and provides you with a host of other useful information on temperature, scheduling or identification processes.

At trans-o-flex, express means the sending of documents and goods in parcels or on pallets, possibly in one consignment (combined freight) with separate time options by the next business day. You can choose from a variety of services. For example, we offer deliveries before 12 noon, 10 am, 9 am or even before 8 am. You can easily check the earliest possible delivery on our site simply by entering the delivery postcode.

Soon, hopefully: There are different ways to send your goods with us. For occasional users, we recommend as a shipping platform. In this case, as a company or department within a company, you can create an account via and benefit from attractive special prices or included time options. Upon request, we will collect your deliveries on the same day from your business address and transport them to your customers using the chosen service. If you have regular or higher shipping volumes, it is worth contacting us. We then clarify with you the operational and technical interfaces, the delivery frequency and time and you benefit from individual, optimised prices. Below you will find the contact button if you prefer to communicate by e-mail. It is easier if you give us a call: +49 6201 988 444 We look forward to hearing from you.

The trans-o-flex insight app gives you access to all deliveries that are on their way to you. In an unregistered version, you can track individual parcels or deliveries using a consignment or reference number. In a registered version, however, as a regular consignee you will see all deliveries from all suppliers with your respective specifications. You can see whether the goods are refrigerated or express. You can see how many packages the consignments consist of, thus providing you with an optimal planning tool for your incoming goods department. You can also use the app as an identification tool, for example for sensitive items that we are only allowed to hand over to authorised persons.

Almost everything, actually. However, we are bound to system-relevant and legal framework conditions in a specialised network geared to pharmaceuticals and hi-tech. For example, we do not transport any living things or products that cause cross-contamination or contaminate other goods (e.g. poorly and improperly packed lubricants, oils or toxic substances, loose or unpacked goods, etc.). In many cases we offer our special transport or dangerous goods solutions, which we would be happy to inform you about in a personal conversation. The permissible dimensions and weights as well as which goods are excluded from carriage can be found in our General Terms and Conditions and their appendices. For particularly large goods or consignments with more than 10 pallets, we have direct delivery options – for example with trans-o-flex charter or trans-o-flex direkt. Please contact us.

You will find the prices for our range of services on trans-o-flex now if you wish to order directly. However, for pricing purposes we need some information about the goods to be shipped and your preferred service. For an individual offer, we recommend that you contact us. The costs of a shipment or logistics service are often highly specific and individual and can therefore best be determined in close coordination.

We are always very keen to help you as quickly as possible. If you have any questions that we have not answered here, please contact us. The best way is by calling us on +49 6201 988 222. Your consignment has not yet been collected, your consignment cannot be found in the tracking system, the consignee has not yet received the goods … we will find a solution.

Are you planning a tender for a regular partial volume or for your total volume and would like to include us in the group of suppliers? Are you looking for a warehouse location with or without special requirements for your goods? In trans-o-flex’s tender management, we accept tender projects centrally and coordinate all the related steps: from the confidentiality agreement to the cost estimate and the final offer. We look forward to receiving your message at

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