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With ten different express services and a standard delivery time of less than 24 hours, we offer you a wide range of services for time-critical deliveries. This way you can ensure that your delivery is guaranteed to arrive the next day – even by a specific time.
You do not have to miss out on the trans-o-flex service even when you are abroad. With our EURODIS network, we provide many services in over 30 European countries. And that includes all the formalities – pragmatically, conveniently and reliably. Because the competitive European arena in particular requires flexible solutions.
Especially when dealing with temperature-sensitive products, it is essential that you can rely on the experience and knowledge of professionals. No matter what services you require for the safe and fast shipment of your temperature-sensitive goods: with trans-o-flex you always have the right partner at your side.
We store, pick, pack and dispatch your high-value and sensitive goods and, if desired, will also take care of the returns for you through a system-supported returns management solution.

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Your quality, your customers, your consignment … because it is really important.

Really efficient logistics help to ensure that stories have a happy ending right up to the final mile. This is important to us and we work to achieve this every day. We have therefore tailored our logistics solutions entirely to the needs of our customers and their industries.

And to what is really important to you.

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Industry-specific solutions:
maximum efficiency, first-rate service

Pharma and healthcare logistics

With our pharma and healthcare logistics services, we made an indispensable contribution to the provision of the population in Germany with pharmaceuticals, vaccines, diagnostic agents and medical products.
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Logistics for the consumer electronics market

The large number of different factors and specialities of our systems combine to create the special features of our solutions for the entertainment and consumer electronics market.

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Cosmetics logistics

The flexibility of our system, our special, careful sorting technology and safe handling combine to make us highly sought-after logistics partners particularly for breakable, high-quality cosmetic goods, which are often packaged in glass.
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Retail logistics

With the trans-o-flex Retail Logistics service, we relieve the workload of your sales staff on site by delivering for example merchandise, shop fittings and advertising material on time as a parcel or pallet into your own branch offices or those of your customers.
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Try our B2B shipping service now without a contract!

Simply book online! – our online shipping tool for business customers is probably one of the fastest shipping systems on the express and logistics market.
Organise the shipping of your documents, parcels and pallets in just a few minutes – without any contractual obligation.
Benefit from our services with the highest quality standards from 50 years of expertise.

We are happy to hear more about your company’s requirements and what is important to you. Contact us, and together we will find the perfect logistics solution for you.

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Discover the advantages of our Express network and our ThermoMed network for temperature-controlled deliveries (2 °C – 8 °C). With these two special networks, we specifically improve delivery quality and ensure that your time-sensitive items are delivered on time in Germany – with a few exceptions in peripheral areas. This service is only available for German postcodes.

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