Cool, lighter, quieter and more sustainable

Cool, lighter, quieter and more sustainable

trans-o-flex electric company car fleet: Interview with Linda Schwabe, responsible for ESG/sustainability.

Why has trans-o-flex now opted for electric and hybrid vehicles for its company car fleet?
“The path to becoming a sustainable company is made up of many steps. Where every step counts! And every car without a pure combustion engine is another step towards greater sustainability at trans-o-flex.

How does this fit in with trans-o-flex’s sustainability strategy?
“100 per cent! We must not only think of sustainability in terms of our operations and transport but it must be applied in all areas – and in all our heads.”

Do all users of company vehicles now have to switch to electric vehicles?
“Yes, there will no longer be any company cars with conventional internal combustion engines at trans-o-flex in future. We are now only ordering purely electric cars or plug-in hybrids.”

trans-o-flex is also testing the use of electric vehicles for deliveries – what do you think about that? “I think it is important and right that we also look at alternatives to diesel for our long-haul trucks and delivery vehicles. The electric vehicles available on the market are not yet suitable for use across the board, especially over long distances and with the required active temperature control. Nevertheless, we are testing various technologies and models, using them where it makes sense, and always looking to the future. “

Linda Schwabe


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