Environment and responsibility

Whether ointment or painkiller, vaccine or cancer drug: ever since trans-o-flex was founded, the transport of drugs has been the core task of the company. Our logistics help to heal pain and combat disease. In addition to medicines, trans-o-flex also transports other high-value and sensitive goods that have to reach their destination just as quick, but above all just as reliably and without damage. Handling all goods entrusted to us with exceptional care is our highest priority. But this attitude does not only apply on goods. The company has deliberately committed itself to respectful, sensitive and responsible dealings with employees, customers and suppliers as well as with the resources we consume. We are proud of this. And we are happy to show how we live this responsibility as individuals and as teams.

Guidelines for clear decisions

The Code of Conduct summarises our guide­lines and principles for day-to-day business conduct that complies with the law and our values. The Code of Conduct represents a binding operating framework for all trans-o-flex personnel regardless of their duties or positions. The e-mail address compliance@tof.de is available as the contact point for any concerns or questions our employees may have.

Code of conduct


How we act and conduct our business

Environmental protection integrated and implemented

Environmental protection is part of a comprehensive sustainable development strategy. This is based on three aspects vital for future sustainability: ecology, economy and sociality. As a transport company we are aware of the challenge involved. We know that it lies within our own interest to insure, the actions we take today do not endanger our foundation for business tomorrow. Therefore a constantly improving of environmental sustainability is an inherent part of our services.

Priority for the environment

In keeping with social and economic needs, we do what we can to operate in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. This starts with buildings equipped with geothermal systems, changing over to green power, energy and water saving measures, waste separation and returnable packaging systems. This is continued in the vehicle technology for reduced CO2, nitric oxide and fine dust particles and low-emission natural gas vehicles with exhaust gas purifiers and filter systems. This is also fostered in driver training, with optimised routes and schedules, and through support for environmental projects. We are doing all of this to meet our responsibilities and to give our children and grandchildren the best possible opportunity of growing old on a thriving planet.

Dispatch with co2de green!

trans-o-flex has decided to create a further opportunity to reduce global CO2 emissions in addition to the existing environmental protection measures. Thanks to a precisely calculated CO2 balance, we know exactly how much CO2 is emitted by our transports and can offer completely carbon-neutral transports to our customers through the co2de green service.

Here’s how it works:

Under the co2de green program, we purchase certificates from recognised climate protection projects involved in offsetting greenhouse gases. All CO2 emissions arising from the transport of co2de green shipments in Germany are offset through this – 100% completely! With co2de green, trans-o-flex is making an advance contribution to climate compensation – and offers its customers the opportunity to support climate protection. By purchasing co2de green stickers, our customers benefit in many ways:

  • You improve your companies carbon footprint. We can prove the level of emissions resulting from trans-o-flex transporting their goods and how they have been neutralised.
  • The stickers show your commitment to the environment and set yourself apart from other companies.
  • Regardless of whether trans-o-flex customers use the stickers generally or in a targeted manner for specific marketing promotions, their image is increased in all cases in the eyes of the recipients of the parcels.

co2de green transports offer the same good trans-o-flex quality and are just as reliable and quick – but also offset any CO2 emissions arising from your shipment.


What projects do we support with co2de green?


  • Clean energy generation in China:
    In this Gold Standard VER project, landfill gas (methane) is captured from a landfill in Suzhou, China, and converted into energy instead of heating the climate in the atmosphere. The resulting electricity is fed into the public power grid of the city of Suzhou, replacing CO2-intensive energy from the largely coal-dependent East China Power Grid in the local grid. The level of greenhouse gas emissions is reduced through avoiding the release of methane from the landfill and through replacing CO2-intensive coal-based electricity with biogas-based electricity.
  • Wastewater treatment in Thailand:
    This project covers the installation of an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant in a starch production plant in Thailand. Before the project was installed, the starch plant’s wastewater was discharged through several open lagoons, with a retention time of more than one year. Methane gas was resulting from the organic matter in the wastewater and being constantly released. With the wastewater treatment plant, the strong greenhouse gas methane (21 times stronger than CO2!) can now be captured. The wastewater treatment plant uses the captured methane as fuel in other heat-generating machines in the plant, thereby replacing heavy fuel oil. Dependence on imported fossil fuel sources is reduced by switching from fuel oil to biogas, which means the local energy supply is secured and costs saved. Besides the environmental protection aspects, this project is also improving the air quality in the region considerably, while the construction, operation and maintenance of the biogas plant are generating local employment.

Sustainability Report 2020


The Sustainability Report 2020 offers a comprehensive overview of the economic an ecological development of our company and our social responsibility.

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