Information on the reform of HGV toll in Germany

Information on the reform of HGV toll in Germany

As logistics experts, we know how important and at the same time difficult it is to gain an overview of the current toll regulations and the upcoming changes. We would like to make this task easier for you and are therefore providing all relevant information on HGV toll charges in Germany here. This will enable you to optimise your logistics and budget planning at an early stage. Knowledge of the current and planned regulations is essential – regardless of whether you transport goods regularly or only place shipping orders occasionally.

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On our toll website you will find regularly updated information on tolls, applicable regulations and the various toll payment methods. We aim to ensure that you have the latest information available to you at all times. That is why we will also keep you informed.

Do you have questions about the reform of HGV toll charges? If so, contact us! We will discuss your questions and concerns and give you further answers and information as needed.

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Questions and answers about tolls

The toll rates in Germany are laid down in the Bundesfernstraßenmautgesetz (German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act). The total amount is calculated by multiplying the distance travelled by a vehicle or vehicle combination on toll roads by the toll rate (cents/km). The toll rate includes a percentage for the air and noise pollution and infrastructure costs incurred.

The toll levy will be shown as a separate invoice item. In this way, trans-o-flex ensures transparency and emphasises that these are government charges that the company has to pay via its transport partners.

The toll charge is a levy under public law and is not subject to VAT for the person who pays it.
If the forwarding company charges its customers for the toll incurred, however, the corresponding amount is subject to VAT.
We therefore treat the tax liability in the same way as amounts invoiced for services rendered.

If you have any questions about invoices, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Billing team. You can reach us by email at


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