Huge investment: almost 1,000 new vehicles – what’s behind it?

Huge investment: almost 1,000 new vehicles – what’s behind it?

Why is trans-o-flex Express increasing investment in its vehicle fleet so significantly this year? And why so many specialised thermo-logistics vehicles? “We will not only maintain the performance of the existing fleet through replacement purchases and improve it with new technology, but additionally increase the availability of special vehicles for distribution,” announced CEO Wolfgang P. Albeck. Read here how many vehicles have been ordered, when they will be ready for use and what advantages this has for customers.

trans-o-flex Express has ordered 230 pharmaceutical Sprinter vans, which will be delivered this year and used for the delivery of ambient shipments. But that’s not all. The delivery of a further 270 pharmaceutical Sprinter vans is scheduled for 2024. ” This will significantly expand our capacity for ambient deliveries in local transport,” explains Albeck. “This is because we are replacing vehicles that were previously equipped with thermo boxes and therefore did not have as much ambient capacity as fully temperature-controlled vehicles.” The number of thermo-logistics vehicles in use will more than triple by the end of 2024 as a result of the investments that have now been decided.

Also this year, trans-o-flex is creating 60 new thermo boxes for conventional vans. Their special feature: the temperature inside the box is displayed directly to the driver on their hand-held scanner. This allows the driver to take action when certain limit values are exceeded or not reached, so that the temperature chain can be maintained. In addition, a battery-powered box type specially developed for electric vehicles is being tested. The company Pöttker, which manufactures the new thermo boxes, has also developed an innovative solution for the delivery of ambient shipments by cargo bike. With the new battery-powered boxes, actively temperature-controlled delivery at 15 to 25 degrees can also be integrated into the practical trial with cargo bikes on the final mile from April.

Last but not least, the acquisition of a total of 320 new trailers with box bodies for the trans-o-flex Express network is planned for this year. The first 100 of these are to be on the road by the end of April, and another 100 by the end of the year.

In addition, trans-o-flex has ordered 120 new trailers for the long-distance transport of ambient consignments. These trailers are so-called pharmaceutical trailers from the body specialist Krone. For example, they have double security for temperature data transmission. Normally, the trailer’s temperature data is transmitted to the trans-o-flex system via radio data transmission. In the new pharmaceutical trailer, the thermo unit is also connected to a printer. It works as a continuous temperature recorder and thus prevents gaps in the temperature history in the event of a radio transmission failure.

Thanks to its nationwide network and its nationwide capacity of specialised vehicles, trans-o-flex is also able to pick up and deliver express consignments spontaneously at any time – both with and without active temperature control. Get more info about this special offer here Your logistics solutions.


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