Safe solution: delivery without direct contact between the driver and consignee

Safe solution: delivery without direct contact between the driver and consignee

trans-o-flex has developed two special forms of contactless delivery to ensure the best possible protection against infection and the largest possible distances during delivery. In contrast to doing away with the confirmation of receipt by consignees introduced by some providers, trans-o-flex has implemented IT solutions that take into account both all legal GDP requirements and exclude liability risks.  

“Even during the coronavirus pandemic, we cannot do without having the consignee confirm the delivery of a consignment”, says Wolfgang P. Albeck, Chairman of the trans-o-flex Management Board, explaining the background. “In view of the refusal, especially on the part of private consignees, to sign on the trans-o-flex-easy, but also in view of requests for self-signature from the drivers, we have had intensive discussions with customers externally and internally with Operations, IT and our legal department and have found new solutions. According to Albeck, there are two key reasons why the acknowledgement of receipt by the addressees is absolutely necessary: “Firstly, our shippers cannot go without providing receipts and we cannot transfer the liability risk to drivers or subcontractors. Secondly, because of the special rules governing the transport of pharmaceuticals, we must ensure that we only deliver to authorised persons. That’s why we need the consignee’s signature.” Service providers who allow their own drivers to confirm the delivery are, according to Albeck, “on very thin ice”. In the following you can read about these solutions.

Solution 1: Consignees can have trans-o-flex send them a pre-filled receipt. This is recommended for regular consignees. The consignee contacts their local branch once and then receives a fully pre-filled receipt by e-mail the morning before delivery. The consignee only has to print it out and sign it. When the goods are delivered, they hand over the receipt in return. 

Solution 2: Receipt template from the trans-o-flex website. At, consignees can print out a receipt template and fill it out and sign it before delivery. When receiving goods, only the reference numbers of the consignment(s) need to be entered. The consignee also hands over this receipt to the driver in return for delivery. 

With both solutions, the consignees do not need to touch any equipment and can maintain their distance from the driver. The documents are archived and linked to the consignment. Consignees who still wish to sign on the trans-o-flex-easy devices as usual can continue to do so. All drivers have received an official trans-o-flex letter that explains the procedure and which can be shown to the consignees.