We are celebrating something special this year – 50 years of trans-o-flex!


The origin that led to the founding of trans-o-flex can be traced back to the pharmaceutical wholesale trade. Peter Winkler from Cologne and the then dispatch manager of the Madaus company, Adolf Neuhaus, developed an initial concept for direct delivery to pharmacies. Madaus, a manufacturer of natural medicines, was looking for a fast and reliable solution for the distribution of its products.
After a successful test phase, Madaus decided to expand this concept nationwide, with other shipping companies from Hamburg, Hanover, Weinheim and Munich also setting up regional delivery services for Madaus. The partners agreed to establish a joint venture under an umbrella brand. This was how, on 30 October 1971 “trans-o-flex” (based in Weinheim) came into being. The group of five regional delivery services became the first nationwide “express delivery service” in Germany.

trans-o-flex was chosen as the name for the company – and this name said it all. The aim was to develop a highly flexible carrier (=trans-o-flex) that can deliver medicines in particular quickly, safely and reliably to doctors, hospitals or pharmacies throughout Germany. From the word go, the special flexibility was geared to the specific requirements of the core industries of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, but also cosmetics, electronics and other high-value and sensitive products. To meet these requirements, it was not a standard parcel service that was developed, but an international network in which goods could be transported both in parcels and on pallets. trans-o-flex is also set up to safely transport special consignments such as hazardous goods. All these special features mean that consignors from the core industries can have all their consignments delivered by trans-o-flex.

Over the years, trans-o-flex has continually worked on its focus on core industries and the development of customer-specific solutions. Decisive steps in further development were taken when trans-o-flex became the first logistics service provider in Germany to set up a nationwide network for actively temperature-controlled shipments. Today, trans-o-flex can actively transport pharmaceuticals throughout Germany at temperatures of 2 to 8 and 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Basically, it can be said that trans-o-flex has always worked hard to expand the services it offers for its core industries, whilst always keeping the needs of its customers in mind. This has remained true to this day and also includes the topics that, in addition to quality, are on everyone’s lips today: digitalisation and sustainability.

We look to the future with confidence and look forward to many more years!

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