trans-o-flex wins the EURODIS award for best quality for the sixth time in a row

trans-o-flex wins the EURODIS award for best quality for the sixth time in a row

  • Operational excellence proven for another year with hard facts: daily measurement of transit times, status information, data transmission and proof of delivery
  • Quality is a key attraction for customers: EURODIS transports 80% more consignments in the first half-year

Weinheim, 19 July 2021. For the sixth time in a row, trans-o-flex’s Expressdienst has again, in 2022, received the annual award for the best operational quality in the EURODIS network, the network for joint international shipments of parcels and pallets in 36 European countries. Criteria for winning the award are numerous quality measurements. For instance, over the course of a year, data such as transit times, status information, completeness of data transmission or proof of delivery is collected and evaluated on a daily basis.

The award was presented to trans-o-flex at this year’s EURODIS annual conference, which recently took place in Amsterdam. “Even though it looks like we have subscribed to this award, winning is anything but automatic,” said CEO Wolfgang P. Albeck when accepting the award. “If you’re already good, it gets harder and harder for you to get even better. And the other partners at EURODIS are following suit, which is why the race at the top is getting closer and closer. All the more reason for our team to be proud of having received this award once again.”

For Jens Reibold, Managing Director of EURODIS GmbH, which manages the network, the repeat above-average growth in EURODIS consignment volumes is further proof of the quality of the international transport service. Speaking in Amsterdam, Reibold said: “The number of consignments at EURODIS increased by 80% in the first half of 2022 compared to the same period last year. Such growth would not be possible without outstanding quality.”


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