trans-o-flex sites receive bee colonies and near-natural green spaces

trans-o-flex sites receive bee colonies and near-natural green spaces

  • Driedorf, Erfurt, Koblenz, Cologne and Leipzig will be the first to do so
  • New medium-term strategy Agenda 2025 quickens the pace of the pharmaceutical logistics company’s sustainability strategy


Weinheim, 11 July 2022. trans-o-flex Expressdienst, which specialises in the healthcare, cosmetics, consumer electronics and other high-end and sensitive goods sectors, is redesigning the green spaces at its sites to be close to nature and installing beehives. “The bee colonies are a contribution to biodiversity,” says trans-o-flex CEO Wolfgang P. Albeck. “And with the sustainable green space design, we not only provide enough food for the bees but, at the same time, increase the quality of time spent in these areas and make it more attractive for employees to relax outside during their breaks.”

As part of its sustainability strategy (ESG strategy), the company has determined in an evaluation of the sites that 26 out of the total of 35 sites in the Express network are ideally suited for the installation of beehives. As a result, it was decided to establish bee colonies at two sites before the end of the year. The Cologne and Koblenz sites were selected for this purpose. The respective bee colonies come from beekeepers of the company “Deine Biene”, who also take care of the colonies and the honey harvest. In addition, two beehives have already been set up in Driedorf, Hesse. This was organised and implemented in coordination with the ESG department of trans-o-flex by the local in-house and plant technician Reiner Jahn, who is himself a beekeeper, wasp and hornet consultant and also teaches at the Nature Conservation Academy of Hesse.

Erfurt was chosen as the first site where the green spaces are to be redesigned, There is a large area of unused land here behind the staff car park that can be used for this purpose. trans-o-flex is looking to involve the local employees in the redesign and implement the best ideas together with the organisation “Naturnahbringer”. The next site to be considered for the redesign is Leipzig, where there are already many green spaces that are suitable for a nature-oriented redesign.

As part of its new medium-term strategy, “Agenda 2025”, trans-o-flex has set itself the goal of once again increasing the pace of its sustainability efforts. To this end, the company has set up its own ESG team (ESG = Environment, Social, Governance), which initiates the corresponding projects and organises their implementation. Among the most important ESG projects is the decision to operate in a CO2-neutral manner as soon as possible and to achieve this, where it is not yet possible through CO2 reduction, by offsetting CO2 emissions. CO2 reduction measures include, for example, the conversion of the company car fleet to vehicles with electric motors, delivery by cargo bike, the continuation of the purchase of green electricity already started in 2008, the conversion of all trans-o-flex ThermoMed refrigerated vehicles to electric cooling and investments in new (LED) lighting technology as well as in energy-saving refrigeration technology at the temperature-controlled handling centres.


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