Further trans-o-flex sites certified to the highest security standards

Further trans-o-flex sites certified to the highest security standards

  • Three further branches have received certificates from the global consignor organisation TAPA for the first time
  • CEO Albeck: More demanding than all security standards in ISO quality management

Weinheim, 14 February 2022. Three sites in the trans-o-flex Express network have received the highly demanding TAPA certifications for the first time. These are the Expressdienst branches in Driedorf (Hesse), St. Ingbert (Saarland) and Nuremberg (Bavaria), which specialise in logistics solutions for the healthcare, cosmetics, consumer electronics and other high-value, sensitive goods sectors. TAPA stands for Transported Asset Protection Association and is an independent organisation supported by consignors, which has established the highest security standards in transportation worldwide. In addition to the new certification of the three sites mentioned above, the sites in Hürth (Cologne) and Hamm-Rhynern (Dortmund) were successfully recertified in December.

The sites are certified according to the TAPA standard FSR-C 2020. “This standard is more demanding than anything in ISO quality management in terms of security standards. It is the ideal basis for the further development of our security processes and technology,” explains Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex. “The highest security standards are vital for a company that specialises in the transportation of sensitive goods,” says the company boss. “But it is almost as important to document the level achieved to the outside world.”

Certification requires all security-relevant processes to be described. Clearly defined technical security installations are required. Both are audited annually. Lastly, all persons involved in transportation and handling must regularly undertake security training. TAPA, which was founded by discerning consignors, also makes very specific constructional demands, for example on fences, access regulations and video surveillance. For example, all the certified sites have been equipped with a video management system that enables a targeted and quick search for individual packages.


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