trans-o-flex rewards employees for honorary positions with special leave

trans-o-flex rewards employees for honorary positions with special leave

The strategic expansion and intensification of the topic of sustainability at trans-o-flex has a very concrete effect on employees. From now on, there will be a day of special leave once a year. In this way, trans-o-flex wants to support the voluntary activities of its employees. So far, all employees of trans-o-flex Express, trans-o-flex IT-Service and trans-o-flex Training & Service have been able to apply for the special leave after consulting their respective supervisors.

From a technical point of view, trans-o-flex also makes it very easy for its employees: Provided there are no operational reasons to the contrary, an employee can enter “special leave” in the time recording system for a maximum period of eight hours. In the notes field, it must be added that this is “time off for voluntary work.”” After the fact, appropriate verification of volunteer time must be submitted to Human Resources. The annual eight hours of special leave applies to a contractual work schedule of 40 hours. For part-time contracts, the time is reduced proportionately up to the lower limit of a mini-job. Only mini-jobbers are exempt from the leave.

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