Introducing the trans-o-flex Instagram Team

Introducing the trans-o-flex Instagram Team

Do you know that there is an Instagram team at trans-o-flex and what this team is up to? The team would like to introduce itself in order to make itself more popular.

Who are we and what do we do within the Instagram team?
We are two students and seven trainees of the headquarters in Weinheim. We are posting pictures and videos from our everyday work life, as well as photos from fairs, events or business trips on Instagram. For instance, up-to-date and relevant occasions such as a thank you in times of corona, but also company news like certifications or the new building in Hamm. On Instagram we provide information about education and studies at trans-o-flex. With a quiz, we “test” the knowledge of our followers and by doing so make the site more interactive. We link pictures related to trans-o-flex that have been posted by other employees or drivers, to show that we appreciate them. We also respond to private messages and thereby show that the questions of our followers and interested visitors are important to us. Kristina Menten from the marketing department provides the Instagram team with professional guidance and support.

But why do we work with Instagram?
Especially young people who want to find out more about companies are increasingly doing so on Instagram these days. So it is important that we show them that our company is also present on this channel. For us, this presence is part of trans-o-flex’s modernisation and digitalisation strategy.

So how can you find us on Instagram?
Our Instagram name is: @transoflex_students

What else is important?
Everyone who is active on Instagram can help us by following us. The more followers, the more important our page becomes. That is why it is important to click the link:

trans-o-flex duale Studenten


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