To mark World Children’s Day, trans-o-flex publishes a children’s book

To mark World Children’s Day, trans-o-flex publishes a children’s book

  • Expressdienst shows young readers the exciting world of logistics with the book “How trans-o-flex saved Ben’s birthday”
  • German Children’s Fund and UNICEF Germany celebrate World Children’s Day on 20 September

Weinheim, 20 September 2021. To mark World Children’s Day today, the trans-o-flex’s Expressdienst, which specialises in logistics solutions for pharmaceuticals and other high-value, sensitive goods, is publishing a children’s book. Using the example of trans-o-flex, it shows young readers in simple language and with lots of pictures what logistics means today and how it works. The book was written and illustrated by the children’s book author and illustrator Patrick Wirbeleit.

The children’s book entitled “How trans-o-flex saved Ben’s birthday” describes the situation of little Ben, whose mother orders a game console for his birthday. The father of Ben’s best friend Ayse works as a driver at trans-o-flex. In the book, he vividly and entertainingly describes how the game console gets to Ben, what the individual steps behind it look like and how Ben always knows where his present is thanks to transparent tracking and tracing.

World Children’s Day is celebrated in Germany on 20 September. This year, the motto is “Children’s rights now!”. With this initiative, the German Children’s Fund and UNICEF Germany are emphasising the importance of children’s rights in an election year.

For Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex, the publication of the children’s book is a matter close to his heart: “We are pleased to be able to use the story of little Ben and his friend Ayse to illustrate what trans-o-flex does. Maybe we can even inspire one or the other reader to become junior logistics specialists. Many children had to endure harsh restrictions during the pandemic. We therefore expressly support the causes of World Children’s Day and would like to raise awareness of children’s rights and dreams with today’s launch of this children’s book.”

The first step is to make the book available to employees and customers of the company. They will receive it on the occasion of trans-o-flex’s company anniversary. Expressdienst is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. In a second step, the book will also be made accessible to a larger circle of users.