Fast and intuitive: trans-o-flex launches new online booking tool for express shipping

Fast and intuitive: trans-o-flex launches new online booking tool for express shipping

  • Designed from the customer’s perspective: Web designers and logistics experts develop new booking system for express shipping
  • Simple and transparent ordering process for the most comprehensive shipping options available in the express and logistics markets

Weinheim, 21 June 2021. With, trans-o-flex’s Expressdienst introduced an online booking system in June that will make express shipping much easier and faster for both existing and new customers. “We have redeveloped and redesigned the entire booking process from the customer’s perspective,” explains trans-o-flex CEO Wolfgang P. Albeck. “In many cases, just two clicks are now enough to order an express shipment online. Click on shipping order and confirm order. That’s all!”

What sounds easy was a “tremendous challenge”, says Albeck, “because the complexity of an express order is vast when you don’t just want to offer customers a standard product, but give them the choice of tailoring a 100 per cent suitable, individual offer from numerous possibilities and combinations”. As there was no suitable application for these requirements on the market, trans-o-flex IT-Service developed the new system itself together with web designers and logistics experts.

Fast and transparent ordering process
The ordering process with is based on the following basic principle. Customers click on what they want, whereupon the system shows how trans-o-flex can fulfil the request. Until the shopping basket is ready, automatically takes into account which product combinations are possible and which are mutually exclusive. At the same time, the process chain is set up in such a way that all the details required for the selected shipping options are automatically entered. During the order process, the so-called trans-o-flex disc shows at all times what the next order step will be, where you currently are in the order process and what the price is for the product variant selected so far.

Each interested customer can either register or ship their order as a guest. As a guest, the customer’s details will only be stored for processing the respective order and then deleted. Customers who choose to register will receive lower prices that are automatically adjusted to the shipping volume, as well as additional shipping options and greater convenience for orders. The shopping basket automatically remains saved for 14 days, even if the user closes their browser.

From booking system to online shop for customers
The idea behind the new booking system is to rethink shipping processes radically from the customer’s perspective, to change them if necessary or to redesign them from scratch. The new solution is therefore not just about the spontaneous sending of individual parcels or small quantities, for which was originally designed. The intuitive ordering platform is rather an essential component of an online shop for shipments that is designed 100% from the customer’s perspective. This kind of end-to-end shipping solution is also attractive for regular customers because working with trans-o-flex becomes even faster and more efficient. CEO Albeck concludes: “Our goal with is to offer the simplest shipping system available in the express and logistics market, while providing the highest product variety.”