trans-o-flex supports relief organisations with shipments to Ukraine

trans-o-flex supports relief organisations with shipments to Ukraine

  • In Germany, Expressdienst customers provide medicines and other supplies urgently needed in the war zone
  • More than 200 pallets of relief supplies collected in Germany
  • Thank you video shows the consignments arriving in Kiev

Weinheim, 12 April 2022. With free collection, consolidation and shipments, trans-o-flex’s Expressdienst has been supporting extensive relief efforts for the people in Ukraine in recent weeks. A video in which the recipients express their gratitude in Ukrainian shows the packages of medicines transported by trans-o-flex, as well as mattresses, beds and other relief supplies, which have since arrived at a hospital in Kiev.

trans-o-flex had asked customers for donations and repeatedly collected supplies that are urgently needed in Ukraine. More than 200 pallets of supplies have been brought to collection points in Germany in consultation with aid organisations. In some cases, trans-o-flex partners and carriers drove the supplies all the way to the Polish-Ukrainian border. “We are experiencing a broad wave of solidarity among customers, employees and partners for the Ukrainians suffering under the Russian aggression,” says trans-o-flex CEO Wolfgang P. Albeck. “In this difficult situation, it is encouraging that we, as a logistics company in particular, can make a contribution.”

More information about the initiative (currently only available in german):


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