Focus Money: trans-o-flex offers the best value for money

Focus Money: trans-o-flex offers the best value for money

  • Only award-winning CEP service wins by a clear margin
  • All other providers lag behind by at least 30%

Weinheim, 23 October 2023. For the fourth time in a row, trans-o-flex Expressdienst, which specialises in healthcare, cosmetics, consumer electronics and other sensitive goods, has emerged as the winner in the study of German CEP providers conducted by the magazine Focus Money. According to the study, trans-o-flex offers the best value for money in the courier, express and parcel (CEP) sector. “Customers have a right to expect good value for their money,” says Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex. “We are proud that our value for money has once again been rated the best in the industry by an independent study.”

On behalf of Focus Money, the Hamburg-based Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) conducted an internet-based study between 1 September 2021 and 31 August 2023, identifying and assigning around 100 million mentions to over 19,000 companies and brands. The approach: value for money is based on individual experiences and perceptions. The more (subjectively) customer assessments are evaluated, the more accurate an (objective) picture can be drawn from them. The result: trans-o-flex set the standard for all other companies in its sector and won by a clear margin.

While several companies received awards in other sectors, this was not the case in the CEP sector. This is because a score of at least 70 per cent of the best in the industry is required for an award. As all other CEP services scored less than 70 per cent of trans-o-flex’s score, only trans-o-flex Expressdienst from Weinheim received the award.

In the CEP industry, price is a key factor that significantly influences the purchase decision. “But the lowest price is often too expensive because the service is not up to scratch,” Albeck points out. “At trans-o-flex, the first thing we do is therefore to ensure a first-class service, and then we do everything we can to offer this service at the best price. The study confirms that our quality-led strategy is resonating with our customers.”


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