Spring 2020

Edition: Spring 2020

Digital push for the last mile Efficiency, transparency and quality increased, new services for consignors and consignees possible

Awards and honours

trans-o-flex “Logistics Rising Star of the Year” and “Diversity Leader”


Reusable concept for expert retailers successfully implemented

Tips for consignees

User feedback helps to enhance trans-o-flex insight app

Autumn 2019

Edition: Autumn 2019

How data drives logistics The digital products trans-o-flex develops • Data analysis creates added value • Manager for Artificial Intelligence appointed

Veterinary Customer Forum

New ideas thanks to intensive exchange with industry experts

Special Pharmaceuticals Service

Same-day delivery throughout Austria

Case study Warehouse Logistics

100% quality for nail varnishes from alessandro

Spring 2019

Edition: Spring 2019

Returnable: Retailers test innovative packaging • Pilot by trans-o-flex and expert Group • Newly developed containers ensure more safety and less waste • Products on sale faster

Straight to the destination

How extra tours also fulfil very special wishes

Smaller, faster, safer

Why trans-o-flex has moved into a new data centre

International demand booming

Why the European network is planning for double-digit growth rates

Autumn 2018

Edition: Autumn 2018

The solution for private deliveries • New B2C service • Combination of temperature control and express • Automatic billing


What sets trans-o-flex apart and where we are heading


Why and how a TAPA certification process is planned


Logistics service goes into packaging and serialisation

Spring 2018

Edition: Spring 2018

trans-o-flex becomes an express service • How customers stand to benefit from this • What new products are being introduced • How service is set to improve

Innovative technology

4,350 new scanners that can do everything better

Customised European distribution

Making international shipments faster and cheaper

ThermoMed continues to invest

Regionalisation and fleet renewal drive quality forward

Autumn 2017

Edition: Autumn 2017

How trans-o-flex customers benefit from digitalisation

Zero error rate

100 per cent quality in logistics – can it be achieved?


New fleet provides increased reliability

Customer requirements

Solution for secured personal delivery

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